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Can you explain this grammar?

When to use wa

Andrew Li Andrew Li (0) 2015/08/18に投稿

in the sentence,

Konshuu wa mai-nichi ii o-tenki deshou

why is there a 'wa' after 'konshuu' but not 'mai-nichi'? I know that wa indicates the topic of sentence, which makes sense, since 'konshuu' is what is being talked about.

In that case, "ii o-tenki deshou" ([roughly]will be good weather) is about "mai-nichi", so why isn't it "mai-nichi wa..." as well?

Obviously, "Konshuu wa mai-nichi wa ii o-tenki deshou" sounds kind of weird, but can someone explain why it shouldn't be that way?

Thanks in advance!


Hi Andrew, Great question! I have to think.... stil thinking... but here is an explanation from the top of my head: In this sentence, you could also say "Konshu wa zutto ii tenki desyou" or "Konsyu wa ii tenki deshou" without changing the basic meaning. So, "mai-nichi" is used as an adjective here. We normally don't use "wa" for adjective; also "konshu wa mai-nichi" is often used as a set-phrase when the speaker wants to emphasise "every single day during this week".



Andrew Li Andrew Li (0) 2015/08/21に投稿

Hm, I guess that makes sense. Thanks so much for the response!

Nate Hill Nate Hill (2) 2015/08/31に投稿

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