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I recently took an interest in African music, particularly Sudanese classical music...I was wondering if any one knew the translation to the song "osha sagira" sung by an old Sudanese womens group "al balabil" ?


in English;

a little nest is enough for us

a little nest we make for you with our eyelashes we relay it to you with the silk of our hands

we are not lured by castles made of light

and not interested in a plait silk

we ask for the good word

let the earth spin

aha aha a little nest

in Arabic;

عشة صغيرة كفاية علينا

عشة صغيرة نعرشها ليك برموش عينينا نفرشها ليك بحرير ايدينا

ما بتغرينا قصور من نور

ولا بيهمنا حرير مضفور

نحن طلبنا الكلمة الطيبة

زي ما تدور الدنيا تدور

اه اه عشة صغيرة



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