How to pronounce "porque" when it means "why"/"because"?

Alice Val Alice Val (2) 2013/07/29に投稿

Is "porque" pronounced in the same way when it means "why" and "because" or is there any difference in its pronunciation?



Hello Alice, There's only one difference, the intonation.


1- Por que você embora? (in this case, the "por que" is the stressed word)

2 - Eu fui embora porque estava chato. (in this case, porque is not stressed)

3 - estava chato? por que? (see the intonation in this case on the recording.)



Alice Val Alice Val (2) 2013/07/30に投稿

Ah, now I see. Thank you very much, Helly!

Eduardo Grosclaude Eduardo Grosclaude (0) 2015/07/03に投稿

It is good to note that "por que" and "porque" are two different things. Asking is always two words, answering is always one. Even many native speakers confuse them. Spanish is the same, but only "por qué" has a diacritic mark.

Alice Val Alice Val (2) 2015/07/03に投稿

Thank you ,Eduardo! It's a really helpful detail.

Hello, I usually say all in the same way.. But the intonation of your phrase may be different...

Some examples.:

1. Por que não vamos ao cinema?

2. Você não gosta de brigadeiro? Por quê?

3. Estou feliz porque ganhei um presente.

Notice that all my words have the same pronunciation...



Alice Val Alice Val (2) 2014/03/14に投稿

Caroline, thank you for the answer and audio! Muito obrigada!