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Richard Rajk Richard Rajk (0) 2016/05/01に投稿

I enjoy listening to the ones that Alice does. They are 3 to 5 min. long. Are there any pod casts she OR anyone else does that are a bit longer in length? Alice- I GREATLY enjoy HOW you teach and explain make if fun to learn. I have not heard any other internet recordings yet- but maybe you can suggest a few...( just basics for now ) ALSO how would I say 1. How are you today my friend? and 2. You have a good night (or ) Morning?...thanks to you.......and please keep up ALL the podcasts



Hello, Richard!

Thank you for your questions and good words about the podcast.

Richard, I need some time to find out if there are any podcasts about Russian culture. I'll publish my answer about them a little bit later. But even if there isn't any, we'll try to publish some "cultural" episodes.

Now, your phrases.

1. How are you today, my friend? - Как ты сегодня, мой друг? (kUHk ty sye-vOH-dnya, mOH-y drOOk) (word-to-word: How are you today, my friend?) OR Как у тебя дела сегодня, мой друг? (kUHk oo tye-bYA dye-lUH say-vOHd-nya, mOH-y drOOk) (w-to-w: How are your things today, my friend).

But we usually ask:

- Как ты? (kUHk ty) (w-to-w: How are you?)

- Как у тебя дела? (kUHk oo tye-bYA dye-lUH) (w-to-w: How at you things are?)

- Как дела? (kUHk dye-lUH) (w-to-w: How are things?)

And you can also add the word "today" - "сегодня" (sye-vOHd'-nya).

- Как ты сегодня? (kUHk ty sye-vOHd'nya) (w-to-w: How are you today?)

- Как у тебя дела сегодня? (kUHk oo tye-bYA dye-lUH sye-vOHd'nya) (w-to-w: How at you things are today?)

- Как дела сегодня? (kUHk dye-lUH) (w-to-w: How are things today?)

2. "Have a good night (morning)!" (if it's you wish) sounds like:

Доброй ночи (dOH-bruh-y nOH-chee) - Have a good night. (We say, "Have a kind night.")

Хорошего утра (khuh-rOH-she-vuh OO-truh) - Have a good morning. (it's a very rare phrase).

If you greet people, we usually don't use the phrase "Good night", we can say:

"Good morning", "Good afternoon", or "Good evening".

Доброе утро! (dOH-bruh-ye OO-truh)- "Good morning!"

Добрый день! (dOH-b-ry-y dYEn') - "Good afternoon!"

Добрый вечер! (dOh-bry-y vYE-chye-r) - "Good evening!"



Richard Rajk Richard Rajk (0) 2016/05/02に投稿

Awesome just no other words to describe the help , instructions one gets from Alice. I can't give enough thanks to her, the pod cast and this Web site....she makes it fun. Even at my age ...which I'll keep secret..LoL. rick

Alice Val Alice Val (2) 2016/05/02に投稿

Richard, I'm happy to read it :). Thank you! As for podcasts about Russian culture, I haven't found any. But I'll try to make one episode. If you like it, you'll let me know :).

Richard Rajk Richard Rajk (0) 2016/05/02に投稿

I certainly will. Thanks



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