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Could you please tell me if it's possible to use the word 'pity' as an adjective?

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"Pity" as an adjective

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Possible, but not usual. Actually the only expression that I can think of in which it could be considered an adjective is "pity party", which is how someone might describe sarcastically someone else's seeming request for sympathy.  It's a noun used as an adjective to answer the question "What kind of party?" -- "A pity party."  (Just like the noun "house" can be used to say "house party" as a kind of party.)  Pitiable and pitiful are the normal adjectives related to the noun "pity" and describe things, events, or situations that evoke or cause pity.


Alice Val Alice Val (2) 2019/02/27に投稿

Richard, thank you very much!