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In 英語, how do you say...?

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I am sorry for my confusing explanation in advance, because I don't know how to call all of those steps in English, but I'd like to learn :).

There are cafes, when you enter them, a waiter registers you (I don't know how) in their system (some people say, 'The waiter 'opens a table.'  I'm not sure if it's right'), after that he/she takes your order. Finally, the waiter 'closes your table' (again, I'm not sure whether it's possible to say like that) and gives you a bill. 

Can I use the phrase like 'open/close a table' or 'open a bill' in this case? Or is it absolutely incorrect? If it's wrong, how can I call these steps?

Thank you in advance!


'Open a table'? 'Open a bill'?

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Never heard of opening or closing a table or a bill. The only thing that i can think of for the bill is that, in pubs in the UK, you can open a tab - a running bill for the evening to bep iad for at the end.


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Thank you, Paul! Maybe it's that.

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Paul, thank you very much for your answer once again! I was afraid that no one would understand what I wanted to learn :).