I'll take care of the problem.

Joseph Cacciola Joseph Cacciola (0) 2013/06/24に投稿

Is''ci penso io il problema''a correct way of saying''I'll take care of the
Thank You!



No. You should have been able to tell by the pronoun “ci” that the verb “pensare” requires an indirect object, not a direct object (otherwise it would be “lo penso io”), so it should be “al problema,” not “il problema.”

However, “ci penso io” already means what you are trying to say, so just leave it at that.



Kass Yassin Kass Yassin (0) 2013/06/26に投稿

problema is feminine, so I think you should be using 'alla' and not 'al'

Thomas Voß Thomas Voß (0) 2013/06/26に投稿

No, “problema” is NOT feminine! You just committed a beginner’s mistake. “problema” is one of the nouns of Greek origin ending in “-ma” or “-ta,” which are MASCULINE! Other frequent nouns of this kind are: l’atleta il diaframma il diagramma il diploma il dramma l’entusiasta l’idioma il pianeta il poeta il profeta il programma il tema il teorema …and all the words ending in “-ista.”