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How to explain non-Japanese

Owen Wade Owen Wade (0) 2018/04/27に投稿

In English, an alternative to saying "foreigner", one could say "non- XYZ."

For example "non-Japanese" or "non-British" and so on.

"Many non-British residents of London are worried about Brexit."

Is there a way to say this in Japanese? 

I realize the word 外人 がいじん "gaijin" is commonly used but I'm asking if there is a similar way to the English "non-Japanese."

It does not have to relate to countries only. A similar example is "Music is a non-visual art."

Here are some target examples:

"The village allows non-Japanese residents to vote in the election."

"Many non-Japanese spouses don't want to send their children to the cram schools."

"Six non-Italians work at the famous design studio in Florence."

and so on.