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In 英語, how do you say...?

Alex Reines Alex Reines (1) 2018/04/17に投稿

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I want to describe a scenario where a girl confessing to a boy that she is not as cute as he thought. Cuteness is just her cover or some trait she wants surrounding  people to know. Inside she has bad temper. How would she say that in English language?

boy: I know you, you've been always cute..
girl: No. ______________________( "Cuteness is just my cover" or some words having the same meaning like this)


How to describe a person is just faking his/her personality/traits?

1 Translation

"No. Its just a front i put up."


Emma Johnson Emma Johnson (0) 2018/07/06に投稿

I would probably say: "No. I just pass myself off as cute."