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How do you call a teacher who is in charge of a class? It means that she or he is responsible for all the pupils (students) in that class. If they have problems, he/she tries to solve those problems with them or their parents. Is it a supervising teacher? 

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How to call: a teacher in charge of a class

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I think that where I live and work, we don't have a translation for what you probably mean by "teacher in charge of a class".

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That's a difficult question!  The answer will differ according the school.  As a high school classroom teacher in a public school in Pennsylvania, I am in charge of my class, meaning whatever group of students is scheduled to be in my classroom during a given class period.  I supervise them, teach them, and am responsible for them during the time they are with me.  Here "class" means the Spanish class of 18 students that meets in my classroom with me everyday from 8:10-8:52, for example.  If there are academic or behavioral problems with a particular student, I am responsible for helping to resolve them, first with the student, then in communication with parents, and finally with administration.

We also use the word "class" to refer to the whole cohort of students that will graduate at the same time:  for example, the Class of 2019.  No one teacher is responsible for that class.

Students who have been identified as having special problems or challenges: physical, emotional, or cognitive have Special Education teachers responsible for teaching them, monitoring their progress and working with other regular teachers and parents to help the students.  Students who have been so identified may also have case managers, who are special education teachers or guidance counselors (I think) responsible for monitoring their progress and meeting with them individually.

In my school the 7th and 8th grades are called Middle School, and there are periodic meetings of teachers who teach Middle School classes, the Middle School Guidance Counselor, and the school Principal to talk about students in those grades and discuss possible solutions to problems, but there is no single teacher in charge.

I teach all High School classes (10th, 11th, and 12th grades), and we High School teachers have no regular meetings or formal ways to collaborate or talk about individual students and their problems.

My school also has a Student Assistance Program (SAP).  If any teacher observes a student possible struggling with personal issues, the teacher can refer the student to SAP. Then a team, that may include a guidance counselor, school psychiatrist, and teachers, meets with the student. After 15 years at my school, though, I don't know how teachers are selected to be on the SAP team or what exactly the SAP team does.

So, I guess, where I live and work, we don't have a translation for what you probably mean by "teacher in charge of a class".


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Richard, thank you so much for your answer, although you don't have this type of teacher :). Now, thanks to you, I know much more about your schools than before. Thank you!