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I found this sentence in one of the manuals ( the school's name is European School Correspondence Courses, ESCC ). The word "advice" is uncountable, so it can't be used with the article. In my humble opinion, it's not  correct to say - He gave her a good advice. If we want to use an adjective, the correct phrase would be - He gave her a piece of good advice.  Or just  " some advice". The rule is strict, isn't it? Languages keep changing so I could have missed out this special point.                                                              Please help me out to make it clear.


He gave her a good advice

1 Translation

a bit of advice or a word of advice

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I'd use "a bit of advice" or "a word of advice" instead. But generally, advice shouldn't be used in this context. In English, you can use several different expressions to give advice, like: "It is a good idea to..." or "You should...".

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Thank you a lot,  John! You've definitely made it clear.

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Cristopher, thank you a lot! Now I hope I won't have  any problem with  the word "advice"