(Fus7a/Syrian dialect) - How do I say: "Are you sure?"

How do I say: "Are you sure?"

REQUEST:If possible, please add both Arabic letters and the translitteration in Latin letters. I would appreciate it if you could also add an audio file to your answer if possible. (In fus7a, and if you happen to also be a native (!) speak from Syria: also in the Syrian dialect). Any help is much appreciated!


Hi I am a native Syrian happily! Are you sure in Arabic Fus7a is " Hal Anta Muta'kked? " the apostrophe stands for the letter "Hamzah" which is pronounced from the throat like the A in " actually "

In my native dialect here in Damascus we say: Enta met'akked ? the same as above just removed the "Hal" as in English when we say, you sure ? instead of are you sure?

Fus7a : Hal Anta Muta'kked? Damascus Dialect : Enta met'akked? notice the difference in pronouncing the words also, in the dialect its lighter than Fus7a.

Hope that this may help :)



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Thank you for answering my question. Apologies for replying so late. 

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