(Fus7a/Syrian dialect) - How do I say: "Are you sure?"

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How do I say: "Are you sure?"

REQUEST:If possible, please add both Arabic letters and the translitteration in Latin letters. I would appreciate it if you could also add an audio file to your answer if possible. (In fus7a, and if you happen to also be a native (!) speak from Syria: also in the Syrian dialect). Any help is much appreciated!



Hi I am a native Syrian happily! Are you sure in Arabic Fus7a is " Hal Anta Muta'kked? " the apostrophe stands for the letter "Hamzah" which is pronounced from the throat like the A in " actually "

In my native dialect here in Damascus we say: Enta met'akked ? the same as above just removed the "Hal" as in English when we say, you sure ? instead of are you sure?

Fus7a : Hal Anta Muta'kked? Damascus Dialect : Enta met'akked? notice the difference in pronouncing the words also, in the dialect its lighter than Fus7a.

Hope that this may help :)



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Thank you for answering my question. Apologies for replying so late. 


In Urdu you will say

Kia aap ko yaqeen hay.

In urdu it is written as

کیا آپ کو یقین ھے



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Thank you, but I was not asking for the Urdu translation, as I already know that. It was still kind of you to add it.