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Can you help me understand...?

did I do it right?

Richard Rajk Richard Rajk (0) 2016/04/27に投稿

for Alice... you answered my question fast..that's awsome. I sent another comment about your pod cast...iI'd like to know if you got it/did I do it right? And can you suggest the easiest way to learn the alphabet? Also do you autograph pictures for the fans? OK that was 3 questions. ..and again. THANKS



Hello, Richard!

I'm glad that I could help you!

I cannot see your comment on the podcast, but it's not a problem. I already know that you find it helpful, and it's the most important for me.

As for the Russian alphabet, I'd advise you not to learn all the letters at once. Try to find online textbooks. In some of them, they offer letters, I'd say, group by group. They take some letters, combine them in one group, teach them, and give words only with those letters.

But, of corse, it depends on you. If you like songs, you can find Russian alphabet songs and listen to them.

As for my pictures, I'm a shy girl :). Maybe in the future, but not now :). Richard, I'm grateful to you for your kind words! Thank you!





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