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Does this sound natural?

Can anyone help me i ve got a plural noun problem..

Phuong Le Phuong Le (0) 2015/07/07に投稿

"If you take the inner bits of the stalk, then you can make it into tiny little fibres."

It is a sentence from the tapescript i listened to. but im not satisfied with it.

shouldn't it be " then you can make them.. " ?

The speaker was too fast for me to get around to that so i need your help. Thanks.



I think the "it" refers to the stalk. The bits themselves would already be the little fibres referred to in the last sentence.

Imagine you have a stalk. You take the inner bits out. What do you get? Tiny little fibres. So as I see it, the inner bits are the tiny little fibres. Hope this helps!



Phuong Le Phuong Le (0) 2015/07/10に投稿

If "it" refers to the stalk, does it means we can make tiny little fibres from the stalk after its inner bits being removed ?​ ​​If possible, ​then the tiny little fibres should actually refers to that new material, not inner bits themselves. As for then, from that material, we can make it into fibres, that s 1 more progress to make. If the possibility lies on the inner bits, and even if we can do the same with them to make fibres, they ll still be plural. We take the bits out, it s plural, we make em into fribres, it s still plural. Thanks for your opinions. They gave me alot of new aspects. What do you think ?

Andras Chonn Andras Chonn (1) 2015/07/20に投稿

Just going to comment on what happens in practice. My first thought was it should be "them". If the pronoun refers to "bits", then it is technically supposed to be "them". However, I can see "it" referring to "stalk" here, so the singular pronoun is correct. I would not worry too much about this because in practice, I think even native speakers may confuse the technically correct usage of "it" or "them" (for example, I hear "Nike are a big company". I don't like how it sounds, but people often pluralize the pronoun of a singular noun because it has some sort of collective aspect to it).