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Alice Val Alice Val (2) 2019/02/25に投稿

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Dear English speakers, 

I  need your help again :).

Could you, please, tell me whether it's possible to say 'about at 2 o'clock' instead of 'at about 2 o'clock'?

Thank you in advance!


At about 2 o'clock/About at 2 o'clock

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Additional info:

Always "at about 2:00".

Never "about at 2:00".  (And I usually don't say "never" about language possibilities, but I can't think of any time where a native English speaker might use this expression.)

There's no explicit rule that any everyday English speaker would be able to explain.  It probably has to do with some unconsciously learned pattern that places "at" first to tell the listener that I'm going to say a time and then modifying the time with "about".


Alice Val Alice Val (2) 2019/02/25に投稿

Richard, you can't imagine how much you helped me this time! Thank you!

Paul Allard Paul Allard (0) 2019/02/25に投稿

I agree. At before about here